The GIS Mesher builds quality meshes for hydrodynamic models from GIS inputs leveraging your favorite GIS application. Some of the features of the software include:

  • GIS spatial inputs
  • Generates hybrid quadrilateral/triangular meshes
  • Sizes at points or along polylines (perpendicular/parallel)
  • Breaklines to enforce features
  • Multiple layers for all GIS inputs for flexibility and ability to build mix and match features to create alternative meshes
  • Scale the mesh sizes globally or for specific layers
  • Elevations from a default value, GIS rasters, GIS polygons (override a specific area), or a combination of all
  • Mesh creation controlled by a text file which is flexible, reproducible, and scriptable.
  • Includes a GUI to create a project, generate GIS files with correct fields, and to launch the mesher.
  • Solution guided meshing uses an initial solution to size and orient mesh cells which is an extremely powerful way to build meshes.

The GIS Mesher GUI sets up projects, creates GIS files, and runs the mesher

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